Trustworthy Service Tailored to Your Practice

Dedicated Resource Scheduling (DRS) is an appointment-scheduling service that helps doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers increase revenue by reconnecting with past-due patients. Since 2006, we've helped medical and dental offices turn unused hours into more income and greater patient care by scheduling preventative, well care and follow-up office appointments. Scheduling all patients to clinics, seminars and special events helps to bring the patient traffic back into your office and promote your business.

Because we've worked with more than 800 offices throughout the United States, we can demonstrate value through testimonials and case studies, such as a calling campaign that generated roughly $70,000 in revenue for a 12 to 1 return on investment, or a campaign that resulted in 66% of all contacted patients generating an appointment. Because of our track record, we guarantee that the revenue generated in your first month of service will exceed our costs or there will be no charge.

Growing Your Practice through Retention
We recognize that your most important targets — both in terms of care and revenue — are patients you already have, even if you haven't seen them for years. We help you grow your practice through retention. And because our targets are past-due patients, the resulting appointments generate above-average revenue.

Trustworthy Service Tailored to Your Practice Needs
Our services are flexible, with each campaign tailored to meet individual client needs. We maintain all data in accordance with HIPPA regulations and never use or exploit patient data, making DRS a partner you can trust.

Growing Your Practice Through Retention​