Service You & Your Patients Can Trust
Dedicated Resource Scheduling (DRS) is a leading provider of appointment-scheduling services. Privately owned in Arizona and operated entirely in the United States, we have been helping doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers reconnect with past-due patients and increase their practice revenues since 2006.
DRS also helps medical and dental practices with other patient-call and scheduling services, including:
Transitioning patients from a former provider or to a new location
Telling patients about new services, technologies, care providers or staff
Building attendance for events such as clinics, informational seminars and product demonstrations

We know that most practices don't like the task of patient recall, but it's all we do, and we love it.

Patient Recall & Calling Campaigns: Month-to-Month & on Your Terms
DRS works month-to-month (no long-term contracts) on your terms — as an extension of your office and with services implemented according to your needs. If your staff is already engaged in patient recall or outreach, we can supplement their work after hours and on weekends, helping you connect with more patients in less time. Alternately, we can take on specific calling needs completely, freeing your personnel for other high-value tasks.

Service You & Your Patients Can Trust
Our representatives are trained, friendly professionals who treat your patients with warmth and respect. Modern day technology allows us to put your name and telephone number in as the caller ID, so your patients never feel they're dealing with an outside party.

Because we know what DRS can do, we guarantee that the revenue generated in your first month of service will exceed our costs or there will be no charge. You always pay on resolved calls only — not attempts — and we take confidentiality very seriously: DRS will never disclose or exploit patient information, and we maintain all data in accordance with HIPPA regulations.