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Improve Customer Retention: A robust follow-up program can be instrumental in extending and enhancing the customer experience, nearly doubling customer satisfaction rates and driving additional revenue for you.  

Increase Repeat Purchases & Maximize Your Revenue:  Our services can generate thousands of dollars in additional appointments and purchases that then drive more revenue with repeat purchases over the lifetime of the customer.

Increase Your Revenue:  Our native-English-speaking staff has deep experience with call campaigns and is extremely effective.  Our appointment scheduling rate of 20% to 65% means better customer service and significant revenue increase for you.

DRS Services USA, Inc. (DRS) is a leading provider of appointment-scheduling services. Privately owned in Arizona and operated entirely in the United States, we have been helping organizations in a variety of industries increase their revenues since 2006.


DRS offers a wide range of services including the following:


Working with DRS offers a wide range of benefits including the following: 

Focus on Your Core Business:  Outsourcing your follow up, customer service, and other call center tasks allows your team to take care of your customers without distractions. If your staff is already engaged in outreach, we can supplement their work after hours and on weekends, helping you connect with more customers in less time. Alternately, we can take on specific calling needs completely, freeing your personnel for other high-value tasks.

Service You & Your Customers Can Trust

Optimize Event ROI:  We make the calls that let you make seminars, trainings, clinics and special events part of your care and revenue strategies.