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Job Opportunities

We appreciate the fact that you are researching our company prior to making a decision to interview with our Human Resource Manager and am assuming that you have an interest in both Customer Service and Healthcare. Many people do not realize that part of our service is handling data – developing calling lists and generating reports that summarize our connections in a way that allows our customer to utilize the information.  Therefore we also have positions in data entry and data analysis.  Before making your decision to interview, these are some of the qualities that we look for in DRS.

Customer Service Rep (CSR)

  • Excellent phone voice that carries a smile and remains calm and positive
  • Excellent listening skills and an ability to empathize with others
  • Good written communication skills to covey notes accurately from the patient conversation
  • Good computer skills
  • An ability to handle communication in an unbiased and objective manner
  • Dependable and reliable work habits

Data Entry and Analysis

  • Excellent computer and software skills
  • An analytical and detail focus with a love of resolving challenges
  • Excellent accuracy track record
  • Good written communication skills
  • Dependable and reliable work habits

Please send our Human Resource Department your contact information below and forward your resume to: HR@drsservice.com.  Thank you for your interest.