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You work hard to deliver quality care and service. DRS helps you keep those customers coming back. DRS Services has been partnering with dental professionals for more than a decade to develop outsourced programs that work as an extension of their company. We know that having a strong hygiene department with full schedules is key to boosting practice revenue which is why the consistency of calling past-due patients is so important.  Expressing that you care about a patient’s proactive care is the first step in generating patient loyalty.​

Success Story
DRS recently partnered with a dental office to provide scheduling services for patients who were overdue for dental cleanings and exams. Over the course of the partnership, we were able to make over 10,000 calls.  Our goal was to increase revenue by scheduling appointments with the overdue patients. Secondary goals included scrubbing the contact list and freeing up their staff to focus on high-value tasks. Here are the results:

  • Over 400 appointments were made
  • Almost 600 patients requested call backs in the next 30 days
  • More than $60,000 of revenue was generated

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