Patient Scheduling for Dentist & Dental Practices

  • Dental Office Case Study for a six-month engagement, DRS connected to 600 patients
  • 29% resulted in patient scheduling: 174 appointments with past-due clients.
  • Total revenue generated: $67,456
  • Return on investment ratio: 12 to 1
  • Average monthly revenue from initial hygiene visits: $3,204.
  • Average monthly revenue from follow-up treatment plans: $8,039.

Case Study

DRS Services USA, Inc. (DRS) helps dental offices see patients more regularly and generate higher income by reaching out to clients who are past due for routine exams and cleanings.  Because of this focus, the appointments we secure typically surface needs for further treatments: fillings, root canals, etc. In fact, follow-up treatment plans for past-due patients typically triple the revenue earned through the initially cleaning and exam appointments that we schedule.

Additional Benefits of DRS Dental Appointment Scheduling
In addition to the direct benefits of greater revenue and patient care, our services can help your dental practice by:

  • Promoting new services and products offered by your practice, such as a new whitening procedure
  • Fostering patient retention and long-term loyalty
  • Purging records of disconnects, wrong numbers and patients who have moved, changed dentists or die
  •  Transitioning patients from another practice or to a new location
  • Gathering valuable patient feedback presented in clear, monthly reports