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All healthcare providers know that Post-discharge follow up is an important part of any hospital’s patient experience department. It increases patient satisfaction, extends proactive care, minimizes readmissions, and lowers overall cost. It can also improve your patients’ perception of your brand and gives you the necessary feedback to recognize and reward your star employees. Post-discharge follow up shines a light on areas that need improvement such as staff that need to be coached and processes that need to be optimized. 

Typically, clinical staff is assigned to make post-discharge phone calls as part of their regularly assigned duties. This takes them away from patients in their care, or delays the discharge calls because they need to focus on patients requiring their immediate attention. DRS lets your staff prioritize patients while giving your recently discharged patients the timely follow up they deserve.


We measure effectiveness in three ways; Connection Rate, Patient Care, and Report Feedback. Connection Rate: DRS is available to call your patients within 24 hours and is available to make calls when your patients are available – after-hours and  on weekends.  Patient Care: Your staff will always be more qualified to handle patient questions, but our customer service staff can encourage compliance by prompting patients to call PCPs and to fill prescriptions. Any questions outside of this scope are transferred to the appropriate hospital staff. Report Feedback: Post-discharge calls provide feedback that can help drive change and improvements in service and patient satisfaction. Patients are often more candid with an independent agent about their experiences. Learn more about our detailed reporting here

Our customers report a significant savings in out-sourcing post-discharge calls by utilizing your nursing staff for critical care and specific patient questions while allowing our staff to handle the bulk of the patient follow up with costing by the connection rather than by the hour.


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