• Improve patient satisfaction
  • Up to 42% cost savings
  • We call when the patient is likely to be home


Post-Discharge Program

Hospital Programs

DRS Services USA, Inc. (DRS) Hospital Post-Discharge Program

In today’s healthcare environment, the importance of patient satisfaction is at an all time high.  A robust post discharge program can be instrumental in extending the patient experience beyond the hospital walls, nearly doubling customer satisfaction rates, reducing readmissions and improving the patient experience (Studer Group 2006).


DRS partners with you to respond to concerns in real time, reach more patients and improve customer and staff satisfaction, all while reducing your costs.  While we make post-discharge phone calls, your nursing staff is doing what they do best- caring for patients. 

Here’s how it works:

Calling at the patient’s convenience

Our trained staff will call patients at their convenience, at times when patients are most likely to be available to pick up the phone, but when many acute care organizations are busy or closed.  We call within 24 hours of discharge, when research shows it’s most important to the patient experience (Studer Group 2006).  If necessary we call again at 48 hours and over the weekend to ensure the patient gets the care they deserve.

Inbound calls

No more going through a hospital switchboard, or interrupting a busy nurse.  Patients are seamlessly connected with a customer service representative who answers in the same manner as your own hospital staff, eliminating the frustration of ‘phone tag’ for the patient. 

Objective and professional feedback

The professional staff at DRS is trained to make patients feel comfortable and understood.  As an independent agent, we can capture accurate feedback, and prevent the patient from feeling uncomfortable about reporting any negative experience.

Recording & Analytics

Calls are recorded for accurate review, and the data from each call is entered and tracked.  DRS then provides a concise report with the data you need to evaluate your staff, target areas for improvement and recognize highly-performing employees.

Cost savings

By eliminating the cost of using highly paid nursing staff, our customers report up to a 42 percent savings in post-discharge calls - paying for only the calls that connect.

Additionally, our flexible staffing model allows for fluctuations in patient numbers, meaning you pay for the services when you need them, not by the hour.

Learn how we can partner together to place patients first!  Call us today, and our expert staff will review your current post-discharge program, and provide a cost-benefit analysis based on your current model practices.