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Medical Industry


When you partner with DRS Services to schedule appointments for your medical office, we become an extension of your office. We are HIPPA compliant and have more than a decade of experience calling medical patients like yours. Our highly trained staff know how to make your customers feel comfortable and is able to make calls when it’s convenient for your patients – after hours and on weekends.  

Event Attendance

Our medical clients have often used our call center staff to maximize attendance at Special Education Programs. Events like this foster loyalty with patients and a positive reputation in your community. We can handle the administrative tasks associated with event attendance so that your staff can focus on what they do best - caring for patients. 

Success Story
Although each specialty schedules at a different rate, we are proud to have serviced a large Cardiology practice for over 2 years, scheduling 35% of patients reached on a reminder call with over 11,000 appointments made and a Return on Investment greater than 6 to 1.

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