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Our Process


When you partner with DRS Services you get an extension of your office.  We create a seamless experience for your patients and your staff by integrating with your scheduling programs Our highly trained, U.S. based staff will protect your brand with their professionalism and extensive experience working with patients like yours. 

Our ability to consistently deliver a positive ROI to organizations like yours can often be attributed to our connection rate.  Our staff is able to reach your patients after hours and on weekends, when they are likely to be available.  We even note specific requests for follow-up times so our callers pick up the conversation right where it left off. Patient questions outside of scheduling are forwarded to the appropriate staff on your team for resolution.

We are HIPPA compliant and offer detailed reports to all of our clients including the following:

Weekly Notes Report
You’ll receive a special report on patients requesting additional attention. For example, a patient that wants to discuss a medical issue or is experiencing a side effect would need to speak to your internal staff. Those patients would be included in this weekly report. 

Insurance Change Report
This report identifies patients who informed DRS of a change in their insurance and were able to update the information with our staff. The report includes all of the necessary details including the new insurance provider, employer, ID number, Group number, etc.

Trend Reports
The trend report gives you a summary of the results of the calling campaign. This report can be broken down by location and can cover various time frames.  ROI data can be added to these intermittent reports as well.

Detailed Results Report
The comprehensive results for each patient will be recorded and sent to you at the end of each month. The report will included details such as “Michael needed to make a follow up appointment after 3:00 pm, but none were available. He would like a call back if any cancellations occur.”  The report will also include recommended follow-up actions. 

Return on Investment Report
The ROI report will include charts and their underlying data to show you how profitable the Call Campaign was for you.