• Medical Care Case Studies show that nearly all physicians working with DRS would break even if we scheduled just 10% of resolved calls. Our actual rate of 20% to 65% generates 3 to 6 times ROI.
  • Actual Average Scheduling Rates in 5 care areas over several months
  • 32.5% - Mammography
  • 65.5% - Cardiology
  • 31.0% - Ophthalmology
  • 35.7% - OB/GYN
  • 30.3% - Primary Care​

Patient Scheduling for Physicians & Medical Offices

DRS Services USA, Inc. (DRS) helps doctors generate greater income while preventing acute and emergency patient outcomes by scheduling preventative and wellcare appointments for patients.

Our service helps physicians reconnect with any patients — including well patients overdue for a physical — but is especially valuable for recurring diagnostics such as mammograms and prostate exams and for recalling patients treated for conditions that require regular monitoring: cancer, stroke or heart attack, diabetes, hearing loss, eye disease, etc.

Why We Excel at Medical Patient Recall
A number of factors give DRS a higher level of success than other appointment-scheduling services, including:

  • Our focus on past-due and non-responsive patients generates more revenue than outreach for new patients
  • We can call evenings and weekends, when patients are likely to be home
  • With real-time access to your practice availability, we never double book
  • All our service representatives are trained and courteous native English speakers
  • Our calls are tagged with your number for caller IDs, so DRS remains invisible to your patients

Additional Benefits of DRS Medical Appointment Scheduling
In addition to the direct benefits of greater revenue and patient care, our services can help your medical practice by:

  • Promoting new services and products offered by your practice, such as a new diagnostic or skin treatment

  • Fostering patient retention and long-term loyalty

  • Purging records of disconnects, wrong numbers and patients who have moved, changed dentists or died

  • Transitioning patients from another practice or to a new location
  • Gathering valuable patient feedback presented in clear, monthly reports​​

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