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Why DRS?


DRS Services was founded in 2006 and has a proven track record of success.  We are privately owned and have built a solid foundation in the customer service call center industry. Our customers come back to us over and over again to make effective, time-intensive calls they aren’t able to do on their own. Our success formula is easily adaptable to many industries and our customers consider us genuine partners.

Detailed Reporting
We know that every customer is unique which is why we offer customized reports for each of them.  Our reports include weekly special reports, ROI reports, Insurance Change reports, and more.  Our staff is trained to capture and record the details that will help you identify strengths and uncover opportunities for growth. 

U.S. Based
Our highly-trained staff is U.S. based and all staff members are native English speakers. Most of our staff has over two years of call center experience and receive additional training at regular intervals throughout the year. When you launch a program with our team, you can be assured that your brand will be upheld throughout the campaign. Multi-Lingual Staff: While our staff is filled with native English speakers, we do have multi-lingual personnel in staff as well. They can help Spanish speakers schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, and more. 

HIPPA Compliant
With ever-changing regulations in the healthcare industry it can be exhausting and frustrating to keep track of calling requirements. DRS Services specialized in the healthcare industry and we are continually updating our processes to stay HIPPA compliant.  Your patients’ information is safe with us. 

Seamless Extension
When you partner with DRS Services, we become a seamless extension of your team.  Our team is trained to work in most EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EDR (Electronic Dental Record) software programs. We can schedule appointments and more without imposing on your staff.  Learn more about our process here